Water Turbidity Sensor

Water Turbidity Sensor to Maintain a Clear Water Source

Light is crucial for the support of many marine life forms. However, too much can also trigger a bloom of troublesome algae. Ensure that your reservoir, fish pond, or manufacturing pool lets in the proper amount of sunlight with a water turbidity sensor by Eureka Water Probes. The turbidity sensor is just one of the sensors you can add to one of our Manta+ multiprobes so you are better equipped to monitor changes in water composition. Used by scientists, managers, and ecologists across the globe, yours will be ready to work for years in its watery position.

A pH Sensor Manufacturer Providing Reliable Results

Your manufacturing process is reliant on maintaining a specific pH level. You need a pH sensor manufacturer that builds sensors to the required specification of your industry. Ask us to provide all the documentation you require to ensure that every time your sensor pack takes a reading, it is accurate. Our sensors are purchased by universities, research institutes, and industrial giants. Secure the future of your business and buy from the best.

Protecting Your Citizens and the Denizens of the Sea

Water quality remains one of the highest priorities for every civilization, including ours. Eureka Water Probes is committed to building the instruments you need to protect investments, support your fish farm, or deliver clean and safe water to a city full of people. Your sensor or probe is backed by our 24/7 customer support service, access to all the training materials you could need, and online access to telemetry and data.

If you are ready to learn more about our products, fill out the contact form or place a call with the Eureka Water Probes office during normal business hours. We are happy to work up a quote and discuss the configuration you may need for your application.