Water Testing Probe

  Maintain a Safe Supply with Our Water Testing Probe

How do you verify that the reservoir is maintaining healthy levels of oxygen, solids, and pH? You put a water testing probe from Eureka Water Probes to work for your community. Whether you require continuous monitoring or single samples every few weeks, our Manta+ collection of multiprobes can be configured to meet your specifications. Used in industry, scientific communities, and to support civil engineering projects, we will find our probes hard at work all around the globe.

Keep the Desalination Plant Humming with Timely Measuring Electrical Conductivity of Water

Whether your community is island bound or simply positioned on the edge of coast, monitoring the salinity of your water supply is crucial. You will need to be measuring electrical conductivity of water and use an ion-selective electrode to accurately record variations in your reservoir, treatment facility, or fish farm. This technique is also used to help determine changes in fish populations in the open ocean as we continue to struggle with climate change. Simply select the probes and sensors to create a sensor pack that will deliver the data you need.

Use A Multiprobe to Track Multiple Parameters Simultaneously

You could send your interns down to the river with a bucket full of sensors, or you could monitor the health of the waterway using our multiprobe and remote data recording. All of our Manta+ sensors include access to the MantaLive server and software. You can log into your sensor pack from your office and track all the different readings without getting your feet wet. Live tracking also alerts you when you have loss of data or a change in key variables.

Contact Eureka Water Probes office using the online form or pick up the phone. We can provide you a no obligation quote and all the specs required to approve your purchase order or invoice.