Water Quality Detector

Save Time and Resources with Our Water Quality Detector

Did you inherit a collection of small sensors from the last water quality engineer? It's time to simplify your life and put more time in your pocket. Eureka Water Probes offers up a water quality detector that includes all your needed measuring equipment in one compact pack. Able to perform at the depths, temperatures, or even flow rates in which you operate, you can rely on the date generated by our standardized equipment. Learn what civil engineers, scientists, and factory managers know--we can help you maintain your most valuable resource at a price you can afford.

Respond Immediately to Contamination with Sensors to Measure Water Quality

Do your sensors to measure water quality require repositioning each time you collect the data? We also provide MantaLink remote monitoring access with all of our Manta+ sensor packs. Upgrade your underwater cables and continuously send data to your server or ours. Set your max and minimum settings and receive remote alerts anytime that the water quality steps out of your parameters. When contamination is detected, you will have more time to minimize the impact and protect your products, population, and fishing resources.

Working in the Field and for City Water Districts for Decades

Can you truly rely on Eureka Water Probes? Click on our Testimonials and Case Studies and read about real life applications supported by our equipment. All of our manuals, SDS sheets, and training classes are available online, so you are never without back up when your readings vary. Better yet, pick up your phone and call our 24/7 emergency support line and resolve the situation before it reaches crisis level.

Click on our products page and discover just how many sensors you can add to your custom multiprobe today. Protecting your water source has never been easier.