Manta2 Support 

  • Maintaining as much backward capatibility as possible was of foremost importance in designing the new Manta+. We did not want our customers to experience problems with maintaining both their Manta2's and the new Manta+ in their fleet of multiprobes together (as some other OEM's have allowed).


  • How long will support be available for the Manta2 product line?


        End of life has not yet been set for the Manta2

        product line, so there will be on-going support for  

        the foreseeable future.


  • Does the Manta+ and the Manta2 operate on the same operating software?

        The Manta+ utilizes our new Manta Manager  software

        which is equally as intuitive as Manta2 Control Software. 

        However, we have designed in backward compatibility

        such that if you find you would prefer to run all of your  

        instruments on the software, you can you upgrade your

        existing Manta2 probes with the Manta Manager

        software - at no cost. 

  •   Will the readings from my new Manta+ exhibit same 

         quality and characteristics as my existing Manta2?


          Without question your new data will track right in line

          with your historical measurements.  

Picture of older Eureka water quality equipment