Multiprobe or Sonde for water quality instrumentation, water quality monitoring for dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity, fluorometry, refined fuel, crude oil, tryptophan, chlorophyll, BG algae

The Manta+ 20 contains the "Big Four" configuration of temp, pH, conductivity and optical DO, with optional depth and ORP - in a 1.95" diameter housing.

A popular configuration of the Manta+ 25 contains temp, pH and conductivity plus turbidity.  

The Manta+ 30 comprises one of the most frequently requested configurations - of temp, pH, conductivity, optical DO, and turbidity (with optional depth and ORP).

The Manta+ 35 contains all the sensors of the 30 plus 2 optional medium sensors and any 2 small sensors listed to the left.  The 35 includes a Central Wiping System at no additional cost.

The Manta+ 40 contains all the sensors of the 30 plus 3 optional medium sensors and any 3 small sensors listed to the left. The 40 also includes the Central Wiping System.

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