Multiprobes Deliver Instant Results and Long term Data

Whether you are studying the health of a river or maintaining the safety of your reservoir, Eureka Water Probes offers the technical equipment and sensors required for accurate and timely data tracking. Our suite of Manta+ multiprobes can be configured with the sensors you require from turbidity to hardness to pH. With proper training and maintenance, you can deploy our products in any body of water for long term study or immediate results. Any time that you may have questions, our customer service team is here to help!

Water Hardness Probe to Maintain Safe and Healthy Water Supplies

From manufacturing facilities to civil engineering projects, a reliable water hardness probe can ensure that machinery keeps working and your products roll off the line according to spec and expectations. Ask us about ion selective sensors that can be configured to detect the mineral that you want to include or exclude. These small probes can be combined with other common sensors into a multiprobe pack that becomes your single source of data that is easier to maintain and service.

Simple Equipment that is Durable and Functional

When we created Eureka Water Probes nearly two decades ago, we knew that many companies were manufacturing quality probes and sensors. However, they lacked in the person to person support that many companies, cities, and schools needed. When you purchase any of our sensor packs, you also receive the training, information, and ongoing support needed to keep your equipment recording--which means that your water sources are protected by more than a single instrument.

Whatever your application may be, give us a call to place your order for a water multiprobe configured for your specific needs.