Industrial Water Sensors

Industrial Water Sensors for Your Specific Application

Whether you are in food production, civilian water supply, or providing water for your industrial processing machinery, you need industrial water sensors designed for non-stop operation. Eureka Water Probes have been performing in the field and in industrial settings for nearly twenty years. While other manufacturers of this type of sensitive equipment will often give you a low price to garner your investment, support stops when they ship. We back up every purchase with the documentation, online support, and person-to-person training required to keep your sensors working 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Protecting Fish Populations with Water Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Are you raising salmon on a farm? Stocking the fish pond for the summer? Maybe you maintain a large tank for live lobsters at your restaurant. Water quality is crucial to ensure strong fish are able to survive in a limited environment. Add a water dissolved oxygen sensor to your Manta+ multiprobe pack and make the needed adjustments when you are provided with live telemetry readings and alerts. Your sensor can be calibrated to set off an alarm, or even send you a text when oxygen levels drop.

Monitor the Health of Waterways, Rivers, and Oceans

Many of our probe packs are used by schools, colleges, and scientific research associations across the globe. Government and industry organizations constantly use the data provided by their Eureka Water Probes to track the changes in global water supplies, temperatures, and fish populations. You can access your data anywhere using our MantaLive software and remote servers. Our support section also provides user manuals, maintenance tips, and SDS forms for easy access.

Do you need to replace or upgrade your aging water sensor equipment? Fill out our easy contact form or give our offices a call during normal business hours for a free quote.