Hello David,

I am glad to inform you that our modified Eureka Manta II multiprobe in combination with the autonomous winch unit from your subcontractor  ISI (Vicksburg) has been operating from our experimental raft on Lake Kinneret since 2010. The system is programmed to profile the  water column of the Sea of Galilee at its deepest point (36 - 42 m as a function of lake level) five times a day and to collect data at a 0.5 m depth resolution.

So far we had only minor interruptions caused by the inevitable sensor or cable replacements.

Overall we are highly satisfied with the service and response we received from Eureka throughout the years.

Whoever is interested can get an overview of the data flow during the last 365 days under:


Or can see specific profiles on a day-to-day basis under:



Thanks to the whole Eureka team for their support

Werner Eckert

Profiling Sea of Galilee

Hi John, 


It was very nice to meet you. Your training and other technical support during your visit were very informative. The way you taught was very effective and greatly helped us understand not only how the instruments work but also how calibration and field maintenance should be done appropriately. Furthermore, your insight from your many-year working experience in USGS was equally helpful regarding field installation, discharge measurement, and data management, etc. The help you provided went way beyond our expectation. We were really impressed by the quality of products and custom service provided by Eureka company. 


Thank you!

Chuanhui Gu  

Associate Professor

Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences

Appalachian State University

Hello Ric,


       Thanks very much. You always provide great support..........




Lv Yang
Technical Engineer

Beijing Water & Land Technology Co., Ltd.
District, Beijing China.


Copy Of -

Dear David,


I hope this message finds you well.


As always, many thanks for your huge help last week with our Audit. We finished the past Wednesday and we have great news!! We got approval from the Authority.


Now our system for Water Quality Monitoring is approved by the ............ Authority in Colombia. This will be of great help on our future projects! This great result would not have been possible if not for your kind and prompt help with the documentation and support.


Many many thanks!

Álvaro Andrés Niño Ortega

K2 Ingenieria

Bucaramanga, Santander

Good morning Ric,


Here is a picture of our new equipment in use. This is Middle Branch of Swift River. It was 13 degrees Fahrenheit when we left in the morning and 20 degrees at 1 PM when we returned. I have been very happy with the equipment so far. Our equipment is used in harsh conditions at times and it is used by different people at times. Thank you for all your assistance and quick response to my problems. 


Thank you,

Peter Deslauriers

MA Dept of Conservation & Recreation

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