Case Studies

Use of Eureka Copper Mesh Anti-fouling System in Heavy Bio-fouling Waters

Earth Link & Advanced Resources Development (ELARD) implements Eureka Anti-Fouling System to successfully deploy Manta+ multiprobes in heavily bio-fouling environment in United Arab Emirates. 

Singapore's Public Utility incorporates Manta multiprobe into unique UAV Application

A study conducted by the the Alliance for Coastal Technologies (ACT) verified performance of Eureka Waterprobes pH senors during extended field deployment.  Probes were deployed in four (4) different loacations including marine environments in Hawaii and Cheesapake Bay and freshwater conditions in Lake Michigan. In an Executive Summary, the report indicated "that biofouling and instrument drift had not significantly affected measurement performance over these deployment durations."

Determining the efficacy of a submersible in situ fluorometric device for cyanobacertia monitoring coalesed with total suspended solids characteristic of lowland reservations

Wastewater & Stormwater Monitoring (South Wales - Australia)

Via a combination of Eureka Manta2 waterprobes and ISCO samplers, a new automated system captures real-time samples of domestic sewage and wastewater events in order to more precisely assess snd manage  the cost of service. Previously this was achieved manually through spot checking with a handheld meter and outsourcing sample analysis to an external laboratory.


The highly cost effective system - designed and installed by John Morris & Associates ( - resulted in significant cost savings to the local city's system. 

Eureka Outperforms Competition in Historic Field Tests

Government study of the major OEMS's of water-quality instruments comprises one of the most extensive and complete study of multiprobes in Eureka’s 30-year memory provides ideal information to guide decisions about data reliability.  The data present a strong argument that Eureka multiprobes are more likely to be within accuracy specifications, and more likely to track each other, than those of the two other major multiprobe manufacturers.

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